Christian Aid

We love sustainable solutions

That’s why we at the Good Little Company, are supporting a sustainable farming project in Kenya with Christian Aid.

Christian Aid is working with farmers in an area where communities are facing near-disaster because of the effects of climate change. Lack of rain has killed off harvests and livestock, and the people living there often have to rely on food aid to survive. But there is a solution!

It’s called Sorghum.

You what?

It’s a very special little cereal grain, which Kenyans make into a super nutritious porridge*. Its big ‘wow’ factor though, is that it will grow come rain, come shine and, amazingly, come drought!

Because it’s not fazed by the weather, it’s brilliant to have around if your other crops don’t survive. And the effects of climate change mean that increasingly traditional crops aren’t surviving, meaning there are plenty of people keen to buy surplus, including the World Food Programme who want it for their food-relief supplies across East Africa.

Christian Aid

The biggest challenge is getting sorghum from the smallholder farmers who are growing it to the hungry people who want to eat it. Christian Aid has already helped 2,000 farmers come together to sell their sorghum through three approved companies. This allows farmers to improve the lives of their own families by getting a fairer, more profitable return.

Now we want to help grow that success. Through Christian Aid, we’re helping smallholder farmers across Kenya to understand more about business, get access to finance and grow more sorghum.

SMSmobWe’re also helping fund a simple but pretty neat text messaging service so farmers can be sent valuable information about things like weather and prices to help them better manage their crops and their sales.


Every time you eat a Good Little Sausage you can know that you’re helping skill-up smallholder Kenyan farmers to improve their yields and their lot. They’ll have a crop they can really rely on when times are hard and you’ll know that as you enjoy your dinner, you’re helping to fill the stomachs of people that really, really need it.

* and sometimes brew into a rather popular local beer

Sorghum - Christian Aid
Sorghum - Christian Aid
Sorghum - Christian Aid

rb“We have been in partnership with the Good Little Company for several years now – and thanks to their financial support we have been able to scale up our work with agricultural farmers in Kenya – together we are supporting them as they lift themselves out of poverty. What’s also great about our relationship with the Good Little Company is that we are able to benefit from the many years of business experience the extended GLC family has! We are grateful for all of their support and look forward to seeing where the future takes us together.”

Rosamond Bennett, CEO, Christian Aid Ireland