Good For the Planet

At the Good Little Company, we love nature. There’s nothing better than waking up in the morning and taking a walk around the Good Little Farm. That’s why we’re so determined to protect it.



This all translates into how we treat our pigs.

Born outside, our happy pigs are housed in spacious barns and allowed to root and forage freely.



To date, we have planted 6000 native trees on our Good Little Farm to promote biodiversity.

Our farm isn’t only home to our livestock, but also badgers, birds, insects and hedgehogs. We want to protect them, and make sure they feel at home too.



We like trees. So we only use FSC accredited packaging.

We also like fish. Which is why the ink we use is water-based, instead of UV-based. This means if it does accidently end up in the wrong place it won’t do any damage.

Finally, all our sleeves are fully recyclable, so please remember to put them in the right bin!

We know it all might seem a bit boring, but this stuff’s important!

Nobody is perfect, but we’re doing our best. We know this planet is all we’ve got, so we’re committed to continuous improvement.